A/B Testing: learn how what and all the best practices

A/B testing

Increasing the conversion rate while managing campaign budgets can be challenging. A way to improve the conversion rates is to use an A/B test. A/B test enables you to test one variation versus another to decide which drives the best results. 

What is an A/B test?

A/B test is the process of testing a version (A) in an ad, landing page, or an email to another version (B) with only one element different. The test is carried for a specific duration for a specific audience. Based on the results indicating the preset KPIs (key performance indicators), you perform data-driven optimisation to improve performance and enhance your sites’ user experience. The most common metrics are:

A/B test is typically optimised before the campaign ends to determine the top performers and make changes that improve the results you want to accomplish in the campaign duration. On some occasions, the A/B test referred to as split testing, but they are different. Split testing compares two entirely different versions of a marketing asset to discover which version performs best.

How does the A/B test works?

Define the marketing assets you want to test and examine:

  1. Select a new or an existing campaign – Group A. 
  2. Create an alternative design – Group B. 
  3. Define the target group, campaign duration, execution channels and metrics you’ll want to compare.
Multivariate vs A/B Test

A/B test focuses on a single variable at a time, but if you need to test multiple variables, you will apply the multivariate test; unlike the A/B test, you will indicate how the various components interact.

What is the added value?

Exposbox enables you to conduct A/B tests in no effort; it’s a powerful tool that will help you optimise the conversion rates and manage your marketing budget wisely. 

No matter what approach you’ll take, you should always aim for the best user experience. With Exposebox analytics tools, you will gain fast insight into your marketing efforts. 


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