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Automated Marketing for Travel
& Hospitality

The travel and hospitality industry is a tough business any year. And in recent times it has only grown more competitive, as customers increasingly move online. To stay ahead, you need to be sure your marketing efforts are invested right.

Artificial intelligence is your business’ best friend

Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning the automation and personalisation you gain with ExposeBox are absolutely key to your success.

Only with ExposeBox can you:

• Better understand your customers’ preferences and decision-making processes
• Predict their future travel bookings and upsell purchases
• Automate your advertising campaigns
• Create detailed audience segments to increase ROI
• Target your content in a way that builds engagement and loyalty to your brand

Propel your business with the personal touch

The reality is, only when you are truly able to personalise your interactions, are you going to reach your maximum ROI. Your customers, after all, are people. And they want you to understand their unique needs, even if they’re online.

Properly targeting your site visitors across the right channels at different steps of the customer lifecycle makes all the difference in terms of:

• Increasing conversions, repeat sales, and lifetime value
• Making customers feel appreciated, with a user experience that magically meets their needs

Make your work easy

With ExposeBox, getting personal is easy thanks to the automated nature of it all – quick integration, simple interface, and even simpler day-to-day use. You will be absolutely amazed by how much time and frustration a proper platform saves.

Ready to give your business the competitive edge it deserves, while saving time and money in the process? Then it’s time to try ExposeBox, a truly dedicated marketing solution designed for your travel and hospitality business.

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