April 27, 2021

Email subject lines - tips for creating the best performing

Email subject lines are the most important element of your email campaigns; the subject line is what subscribers see in their inbox before opening the email. This determines if they even open your email or not.

Remember that recipients are flooded with tens of emails per day; therefore, clear and catchy subject lines are more important to gain their attention to open the email. 

  1. Keep it short – ensure your subject line doesn’t cut short and keep it under 40 characters or between five to seven words.
  1. Avoid spam trigger wordssome spam filters are triggered by specific words in the subject line or the body of the email. 
Top reasons why your emails go in the spam box 

One of the top reasons your emails go to spam is that spam filtering has become more precise. However, the filters aren’t 100% accurate, so sometimes legit emails go to spam too. Here’s the tricky part: Subscriber engagement represents a massive part of email deliverability. That’s because email providers look at the engagement levels and recipient behaviour when determining which emails make it to the inbox. 

1. You don’t have permission to email. The first rule of email marketing is to get permission: you’ll need to collect consent from your sites’ visitors to agree to be contacted with marketing content.

2. Your subject line is misleading. As the CAN-SPAM act states: it is against the law to deliberately mislead someone with your subject line to induce them to view the message. However, the Exposebox email provider is vigilant about keeping the sending reputation intact, and we have stringent procedures and regulations to prevent this type of thing.

3. You didn’t include your physical address. Legally, you must include your valid, physical address. 

4. You didn’t include an ‘Unsubscribe’ link. You can’t send emails without an unsubscribe link, and you must provide your subscribers with a way to opt-out – if you don’t, you could get spam complaints (at best) or fine with thousands of pounds.

5. You used spam trigger words. Some spam filters are triggered by specific words in the subject line or the body of the email. Avoid spam trigger words such as “toll-free”, “dear friend”, “risk-free, “special offer”, etc. 

42 great email subject lines examples

Want to improve your email open rates? Here are some great examples to start with:

      • BEACH BOUND 🦀 Your summer suitcase checklist
      • Too good to miss
      • It’s True: Up to 80% Off Our Wardrobe Styles
      • Cool jeans for all the ☀️ days
      • Here’s what you’ve been missing
      • Weekend plans? Here’s what to wear
      • You’re missing so much… 
      • What This Mystery Email Is All About?! Etc.
      • Open ASAP! Your triple deal is disappearing soon —>
      • Don’t wear last year’s styles.
      • Your Butt Will Look Great in These Workout Pants
      • Meet your new jeans
      • Flash. Sale. Alert.
      • Shh… Overnight SALE Inside 😱
      • New must-haves for your office
      • A new product you won’t pass on
      • Wanted: Cute and affordable fashions
      • Did you miss out on some of these new arrivals?
      • , check out these hand-picked looks
      • Get them before they’re gone
      • Cool shorts for your long weekend
      • Go Wild! Zebra Stripes Are 25% Off
      • Absolute must-have!
      • We don’t want to stress you out, but… PH: …blink and you’ll miss it
      • Oh Hey Newbie 👋 Fancy 20% Off Your First Beauty Haul?
      • Gifts for everyone on your list?
      • Let’s keep this casual, okay?
      • 👀 You up? It’s time to shop!
      • Fantastic! Shop now. Save big.
      • Special offer just for you
      • We’d like to thank you with up to HALF off!
      • You deserve to treat yourself.
      • Don’t miss out; it’s almost over
      • Only the best for you 😘
      • Get it before it’s gone!
      • Re: Your upcoming trip
      • Because you need these. 
      • Got a sec? Open this email right away, or…
      • The summer checklist is here
      • Email subscriber-exclusive: FREE item.
      • Complete Your Look With New Essentials
      • These stunners are selling out fast
      • UH-oh. Your fav styles are (almost) gone




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