RFM customer model: Recency, Frequency, Monetary value

RFM customer model RFM customer model is an excellent way to identify customers groups. Learn how to use this method to improve your customer marketing. What is RFM model? RFM model enables you to target specific groups of customers with the same behaviour and communicate more relevant content. This allows you to generate a higher engagement […]

Customer lifetime value (CLTV) – all you need to know

Customer lifetime value What is customer lifetime value? Customer lifetime value (CLV), or a lifetime value (LTV), is the profit margin a company anticipates to profit over its average customer relationship lifespan. While it’s essential to acquire new customers for the company growth, the acquisition cost can be 5x higher than retention. This is why […]

The importance of customer micro-segmentation

Customer micro-segmentation What is customer micro-segmentation? Customer micro-segmentation is the method of dividing brands customers into groups sharing the same interest or behaviour. Micro-Segmentation is an advanced segmentation method that classifies small numbers of customers, based on various factors, including behavioural predictions. Then, marketers can execute dedicated marketing actions to each micro-segment for maximising the effectiveness of […]

Predictive attribution model in marketing

Predictive attribution model Checking the data collected from your campaigns is essential for your business; you won’t know if your marketing efforts are efficient without precise analyses.  One of the big challenges in digital marketing is understanding what channels produce the most revenue. Channel attribution mistakes lead to misleading conclusions. Many e-Commerce brands analysing campaign […]

What is churn prediction analysis?

Customer churn prediction analysis model What is customer churn? Simply put, customer churn is customers that ceased their relationship with your brand. Reducing the churn rate is very important for any online business. The added value of churn prediction The ability to predict that a customer is at risk of churning and prevent it represents a substantial […]