The basics of conversion marketing funnels

The basics of conversion marketing funnels Conversion marketing funnels come in handy when you’re trying to understand the customers’ journey from onboarding to converting. When you know the customer paths – it helps you optimise your marketing plan to be more efficient.   So, what are marketing funnels? A marketing funnel is a visualisation of […]

Summer marketing campaign ideas for eCommerce shops (2021)

Summer Marketing Campaign Ideas for eCommerce Shops (2021) Now is the perfect time to start planning your summer marketing campaign ideas. The summertime is an ideal time to create fun and exciting campaigns to engage new customers. Traditionally, the summer months are slower for online shopping, and with the continued COVID-19 situation, traffic and sales […]

Early and last-minute Mother’s Day marketing ideas

Early and last-minute Mother’s Day marketing ideas It’s springtime, and it means Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Mother’s Day marketing is a great opportunity for e-commerce shops to promote and boost sales with Mother’s Day storytelling themed campaign. So let’s start with the basics: when should you start promoting Mother’s Day campaign? Most people are more […]

April Fool’s Day marketing campaign

Launch an excellent marketing campaign for April Fool’s Day Let’s start with a quick rundown of why it’s worth the effort: Brand awareness – in the past, the biggest April Fool’s pranks had a vast exposure; since people enjoyed it so much, it shared a lot = free impressions. Driving traffic – Using an April […]

eCommerce marketing ideas for International Women’s Day

eCommerce marketing ideas for international women’s day As the year advances, new events are coming, and our shopping behaviours come in line to mark holidays and events; International Women’s Day is one of them. Seasonal campaigns are an excellent reason to target your customers with a Storytelling marketing concept. Storytelling marketing uses a narrative to […]