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Optimise Your Data, Optimise Your Business

Your data is valuable to your business. But you need to be able to optimise it to really make it work for you.

With our Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Data Management Platform (DMP), you’re able to make better decisions using data you can trust, while gaining control over your customer journeys, marketing messages, and overall ROI.


The ExposeBox Data Management Platform

With ExposeBox data management platform, you can easily access and manage your customer data from every interaction.
Through extensive customer data integration, customer journeys are followed in real-time across all online and offline channels including; desktop, mobile web & app, all analytic tools, CRM, social media, video, and offline.

This way, your data becomes truly useful to you – empowering you to personalise every touchpoint with ease, automatically adapting it to fit each audience persona, industry, and need.
Each customer sees targeted personalised content on your website, is automatically served relevant Facebook ads, and even receives customised emails based on behavioural triggers.

Manage Your Data

Gain a complete view of customers to boost sales and improve brand experience.

Segment Your Audience

Segmentation enables personalised, consistent, and real-time user experiences.

Become Customer Centric

Create a positive customer experience by leveraging your data insights across all communication channels.

Turning your data into business value

With the ExposeBox CDP you get to know your audiences in unprecedented ways, so you can:

Become data-driven and make better decisions

The Audience Manager and Segmentation tools help you build unique audience profiles so you can identify your most valuable segments and leverage them across digital channels.


With the ExposeBox DMP you will directly benefit from:

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