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Custom Demand Side
Platform (DSP)

DSP - Custom Demand-Side Platform allows you to advertise in local, national, and global publishers without the logistics of multiple supply connections. We discover and engage your target audience in real-time with various ads across desktop, mobile and tablet devices by leveraging your data assets to reduce waste.

Powerful & Easy Targeting

Our AI and machine learning capabilities analyse all your data points and assess the performance of each ad component separately to tailor the right ad for the right audience.

  • Top Feature of Demand Side Platform
  • Clear-Cut Technology
  • Easy-to-use cloud-based interface
  • We Support All Ad Formats
  • A/B-Testing and Analytics Capabilities
  • Hyper-local targeting
  • Smart budget allocation
Custom Demand-Side Platform (DSP)
customer journeys

Media Buying Across All Channels

Execute, report, invoice, and regulate digital media buys with ease. A complete cross-media support allows you to manage and execute your marketing campaigns.

Intelligent Connections

Integrate easily with some of the leading ad servers and exchanges; our solution enables you to seamlessly connect media buying data for integrated ad servers and exchanges.



Stop wasting time and money on the wrong campaigns. As a fully customisable DSP solution, we integrate with your data and monitor the budget. Get insights and the ability to make better budget decisions.


Your agency should have a market-leading programmatic offering solution. Using Exposebox, you gain all the features and services needed to produce a better business model that helps you stand out in the competitive marketplace.


Whether you want to reduce budget loss, benefit from your data or tightening relationships with your advertisers, the Exposebox solution is here for you.


Get answers to any questions you might have, and find out why Exposebox is the right choice for your business