Customer journey based on a customer selection

Triggering Customer Selection

The node ‘Trigger Customer Selection’ allows targeting offline customers, based on the pre-defined ‘Customer Selection‘ criteria. 

When creating a ‘Customer Journey’ based on a ‘Customer Selection’, the criteria will be based on the data provided by the client about the customers.

The ‘Trigger Customer Selection’ allows handling the Customer Selection conditions as a trigger to send emails. Once the journey is published; the system scans all the customers who meet the conditions of the pre-defined customer selection, and once it recognises customers that are meeting the condition, an email/SMS is sent. 

For example – a journey that triggers Customer Selection is: customers birthday is in 10 days. The system will scan every day the customers who have a birthday in 10 away from today. Once the customers meet the criteria, an email will be triggered.

Triggering Customer Selection

Customer selection node

You’re able to create a journey that sends time only emails to people who meet the criteria of a Customer Selection. 

This Customer Selection node will allow you to filter all the customers in the user list that are not fulfilling the Customer Selection condition.

Use the ‘Customer Selection’ node

Since its time based and not a triggered based scheduled sending, the User List node needs to be the starting node (first node), followed by the Customer Selection Node, followed by a Send at node (to specify the time of the delivery) followed by the Email Campaign node.

This journey will send emails at a specific time based on the user list, to all customers that meet the Customer Selection’s conditions.Use ‘A User List’ node right after the ‘Trigger Customer Selection’ node

An additional option is to use an existing audience and apply customer selection at the audience. To do so, we need to use a different node than Trigger Customer Selection. 

The starting point will be the Audience node, and then connecting to a User List node and Customer Selection type (not to be confused with Trigger Customer Selection node).

In this case, we need to use the Delay node to schedule a different time frame from the time user added to the audience; the email delivery to be sent.

The Customer Selection node acts here as a filter on all the people that are part of or joined the audience.

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