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Customer journey based on a customer selection

The node ‘Trigger Customer Selection’ allows targeting offline customers, based on the pre-defined criteria, called ‘Customer Selection’. When creating a Customer Journey based on a ‘Customer Selection’, the criteria will be based on the data provided to Exposebox.

To create a journey, follow the next steps:

  1. Go to the Marketing 360
  2. At the Starting Points section drag the Trigger Customer Selection node to the empty canvas
  • Click on the Trigger Customer Selection object
  • Choose the Customer Selection you previously created
  • Choose the Repetition TTL

Repetition TTL – you’ll be able to target the customers in this specific journey only based on the recurrence that was defined.

i.e. Based on the selection in the image above, the customer that falls within the criteria will be targeted only once a year.

To continue the journey creation:

  • Use ‘A User List’ node right after the ‘Trigger Customer Selection’ node
  • Delay node should be used following
  • ‘Day & Time’ node is optional
  • Final node ‘Email Campaign’ – remember: To email, multiple customers with the same email address, choose ‘Block by Property = Customer’.