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Digital Marketing - What Is It and How to Do It

Customer retention: 5 reasons why you should focus on it

5 reasons why you should focus on customer retention Customer retention is satisfied and loyal existing customers that continue purchasing from your business over and over again.  Why retaining customers is so important? Improving customer experience helps with customer loyalty,

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Customer Engagement Statistics You Should Know (2021)

Customer Engagement Statistics You Should Know (2021) The past year has thrown the digital industry, but statistics show a positive future for online businesses. So… if you’re planning a customer retention strategy, the stats below can give you some insights

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Everything you need to know about SMS marketing

SMS Marketing A highly efficient way to reach, engage and retain. SMS has the highest open rate of 98% within the first 15 minutes of delivery. Therefore SMS Marketing is a fast, effective and adaptable channel to maximise communication reach. Our automated

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