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Exposebox Recommendations - Removal Process


Shopify® limits the actions that can be taken automatically during the app approval process, therefore it needs to be done manually.

The below described the steps for removing the Exposebox app.


  1. Remove the app from your apps:

2. Enter Settings (at the bottom of your app admin screen) 

3. Select ‘Checkout’

4. Scroll down to ‘Order Processing’

5. Remove the code in ‘Additional Scripts’

4. Click Save, at the top/button of the screen
5. Next, click on the online store
6. Click on ‘Actions and select ‘Edit Code’

7. Select theme .liquid file and delete the code included by Exposebox plug-in. The name includes the phrase – exposebox.

8. Delete the referenced code: 
It will include the phrase – exposebox

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