Facebook marketing explained

Facebook marketing explained

Facebook marketing offers various strongly targeted paid and organic advertisements, allowing brands to promote them and their products on a massive audience scale. 

The benefits of Facebook marketing

Global reach: Over 2.7 billion people use Facebook every month. 

Targeted personalised paid ads: Facebook holds sufficient information about their users. Facebook Ads allows you to target users based on this information with personalised promotions for a specific audience base. You can target based on location, gender, age, interests — demographical and behavioural.

Organic reach: If you don’t have a marketing budget, build connections organically by posting content that attracts people on your Facebook page. Keep in mind that the competition is high and will make it longer to build your audience base.

Increased website traffic: Drive your followers to visit your brand to find out more about your products, new arrivals and promotions. 

Various ad formats: Facebook offer various options for you to promote your business; turning a post into an ad, create engaging stories, make a slideshow of your products, and more.

Customer support: Many people favour connecting with a brand via social media. Create a chatbot in Facebook Messenger to communicate with your users based on popular keywords. 

How to create an effective Facebook marketing strategy with the Exposebox platform
  1. Set goals
  2. Define the target audience
  3. Create content in various formats and schedule 
  4. Promote your post with Facebook Ads
  5. Measure your effectiveness

After setting your goals, our artificial inelegance and machine learning capabilities help you choose the best techniques to reach your audience, define your target audience, and we’ll measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and optimise accordingly.


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