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Omnichannel Marketing Cloud

We deliver smart growth marketing that will transform your entire customer lifecycle

Save time and money without the need to juggle multiple platforms and patched-up solutions

Exposebox marketing cloud is architected to maximize customer retention, loyalty, and AOV uplift



The Next Generation of Smarter Marketing Automation

Through the unique combination of a powerful audience data management platform,
progressive Machine Learning and AI capabilities, complete campaign automation and true omnichannel orchestration

ExposeBox has created the ultimate end-to-end personalised marketing cloud

principle of simplicity

ExposeBox is built around the principle of simplicity

tailored to offer marketers an easy to use solution incorporating all the intelligence and tools required to accurately target acquire, retain and grow any customer base across every touch point

Save time and money

without the need to juggle multiple platforms and patchedup solutions

ExposeBox Marketing Cloud is architected to maximise customer retention, loyalty, and AOV uplift


We understand the speed of business, and we want to keep you ahead of the competition.
That's why we created a Basic Script to get you started as quickly as possible


Built-in automation and BI tools enabling You to easily streamline your resources, optimise your campaign budgets and accelerate sales cycles


Our Customer Data Platform
and BI enables you to personalise every touch point with ease, automatically adapting to fit your audience persona, industries and needs


Build and manage all your campaigns - both online and offline - from one consolidated journey builder.
Make smarter business decisions empowered by BI and insights derived from this comprehensive, customisable view


Extend the scope of your Lifetime Value model from sales transactions to include every engagement and interaction throughout
the Customer Lifecycle


Ignite innovation in any area of your business with the right combination of intelligent technologies, services,
and industry expertise

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Empowering hundreds of brands around the globe to elevate the customer experience

increase revenue and gain a sustainable competitive advantage

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The Next Generation of Smarter Marketing Automation is Here


ExposeBox offers marketers an easy-to-use cloud-based solution to acquire, retain, and grow any customer base across every touchpoint.

Led by a group of seasoned technology leaders and based on the principle of simplicity, ExposeBox uniquely combines a powerful audience data management platform,

progressive machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities to form the ultimate end-to-end personalised marketing hub.

This includes full campaign automation and true omni-channel orchestration.


Identify. Personalise. Expand. Analyse. Optimise.


These are the keys to your success, and what ExposeBox will do for you.

Using our solution, you are able to surmount the many challenges of today’s marketing landscape,

and successfully extend your market reach, increase sales, and boost your impact across social media, email, and the paid advertising frontier.

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Embrace the Power of Simplicity

We understand that what you want to do is to make your work easier. As such, all of our marketing solutions are built according to our philosophy – for simple use, to simplify your workflow, and to simplify your life.

Simple as that!

This means that when you choose ExposeBox all of the hard work will be automated:

  • All of your customer data (from both online and offline channels) is easily centralised on our advanced Customer Data Platform (CDP).
  • A/I testing is done automatically, eliminating the headache of trial and error.
  • Our smart RFM model will bring you the highest ROI.
  • Personalisation and recommendation widgets are quick and easy to integrate.
  • Ad campaigns are automatically optimised by smart algorithm and advanced machine learning.

Smart marketing, in other words, is about simplifying… that means having the solution that works for you, not the other way around.

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Save Time and Money

Your time is valuable. The time your team spends on mundane tasks like setting up ad campaigns or trying to construct customer profiles based on instinct, is simply put, costly.


That’s why you need to make your marketing more efficient.


With ExposeBox on your side, you open a world of savings. Instead of endless hours of manual operation, complicated data calculations, trial and error best efforts, and keeping track of it all, our AI and ML solutions make everyday tasks, quick and easy.


  • Save countless work hours over the course of the month and free up personnel to work on more skilled tasks that make better use of their time.
  • Create customer journeys with the highest impact across channels without having to find a complicated workaround.
  • Automatically recommend the right products to the right customer at the right time, making the most of each page view.
  • Uncover your most valuable audience segments with a continuous view of real-time data, and let the system do the work for you automatically, executing lookalike targeting, predictive analytics, RFM analysis, and pinpointing customers most likely to churn.


Really, it’s time for ExposeBox. Because frankly, who can afford otherwise in these competitive times?


Get answers to any questions you might have, and find out why Exposebox is the right choice for your business