July 27, 2021

How social proof will help to increase conversions and sales

It’s a Sunday morning, and you’re browsing the web, looking for a new pair of shoes. Three out of five websites have very active communities; the other two have none. Are you more likely to shop from a site with the live community or one of the two blank ones? If you’re like most people, you’re expected to browse the one that has an active community. You’ll presumably even do it without giving it a second thought – with a bit of psychological sensation called social proof.

The added value of social proof on online brands is enormous; 92% of shoppers are likely to trust genuine people’s recommendations when deciding to purchase a product. So if you crave to increase your sales, you need to prove that people buy and love your products.

How to apply social proof for your brand:
Use happy customer’s reviews

According to Business.com, 77% of all online customers view customers reviews prior to purchase. This exhibits the necessity of customer feedback for two reasons; business legitimacy and product assurance.

The reviews will help prospects understand the brands’ legitimacy, product quality, shipping duration, likeness to product images, and other helpful information. 

To grow the reviews count, simply email your customers following their orders and ask them to write a review. If they’re happy with the product, they’ll likely give a review. An excellent way to incentive reviews is by offering a coupon code for their next purchase. This way, they feel that their time is valuable, and you cherish them for being loyal.

Optimising your blog for social proof

There are several ways you can optimise your shop to ensure that you gain the maximum social proof.

    1.  Add social share buttons in the product pages; this will help your users to share the products they love. 
    2. Add a forward to a friend button in the footer of your emails. 
    3. Real-time activity badgesAs humans, we tend to follow crowd wisdom; this makes us feel safer buying from a specific brand. Badges like trending, new arrivals, best-sellers, low stock products, and more can be applied, utilising the Exposebox algorithm. By integrating your data, Exposebox will automatically display the badges based on your chosen strategy, which will help your prospects gain trust.
    4. Build credibility with site visitors by featuring any award win, certification, or partnership- these are a type of recognisable social proof.

If you perform the tips above, you will see a hike in your brand’s social proof, and your overall ROI will improve as a result.



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