May 30, 2021

Last-minute memorial-day marketing ideas (2021)

Looking for last-minute Memorial Day marketing ideas? We’ve got you covered!

The most important thing: be respectful

First of all, remember what this weekend is all about. You’ll want to offer promotions for service members and families to show your appreciation. Wrap your theme with American colours, and don’t forget to thank.

Three campaign ideas 
  • Flash sale: Time frame your promotion to create a sense of urgency “valid for 24h only”.
  • Email exclusive: Your subscribers feel appreciated and value your business when you offer exclusive email discounts. 
  • Happy hour: Happy hour campaigns are pretty common; the best practice is to run them in the daily rush hour.
Think multichannel

Don’t just focus on a specific marketing channel; spread your campaign across multiple channels. Think about not only email campaigns but social media posts as well. As you increase your Memorial Day campaign reach, you’ll increase the chances for high traffic and revenue.

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