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Complete Omnichannel Marketing Cloud

Omnichannel marketing is all about improving the user experience, through synchronised messaging across all channels. This way you optimise every interaction, and make your users feel like the appreciated individuals they are, every step of the way.

Maximise KPIs

Use our AI to predict and personalise experiences that will resonate most with your users across all channels

Never miss your highest potential prospects

Set up autonomous customer journeys that incorporate ALL the marketing channels

Instant action

Easily convert your real-time customer data into highly targeted, activity-triggered marketing campaigns that turn browsers into buyers

Marketing Channels we Support

031-email marketing
Google Ads
Onsite Widget
055-mobile marketing
012-content management
055-mobile marketing
In-app Messaging
028-online advertising
Popup Messages
079-social media marketing
Social Media
Push Notification

Personalised experiences

Automation not only saves you time and effort, it also helps you personalise things – in a way you couldn’t do if you went about it manually.

Our advanced personalised recommendation widget empowers you to plan and automate hyper-targeted, dynamic customer journeys across multiple channels, reaching each person at the greatest point of impact.

This amplifies opportunities by automatically identifying complementary products for promotion.

But more than efficiency and upsells, it enables a meaningful connection with each users in the context of their actual activities and preferences, and is the ultimate way to show you care.


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Email Marketing

Now you can target, create, and deliver email campaigns – triggered by any user action you choose – with unprecedented ease and incredible speed.

ExposeBox allows you engage with customers, personalise each campaign, and automate the relevant touchpoints to solidify sales, increase customer retention, and build long-term relationships.

Email personalisation – such as cart abandonment, browse recovery, or dynamic content –  is done with drag and drop simplicity. You can design stunning emails from our layouts and pre-designed templates. Plus, maximise impact with the AI-based in-mail personalisation widget.

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