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Learn how to target the smart way, and keep customers engaged with the right storytelling, offers, and channels.


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Automate your marketing efforts through a consolidated dashboard

Exposebox offers a full holistic solution for your marketing needs or configure a bundle that suits your business. Engage your customers in every channel with AI-based marketing automation platform.

Stimulate the digital reach-with the right message at the right time.

Omnichannel Marketing

The Omnichannel Cloud gives you a continuous view of prospects and customers. A fully integrated multichannel campaign management, personalisation, segmentation and analytics. By consolidating your data and delivering personalised customer experiences, you will gain effortless results.

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Make better marketing decisions using your business data. The Exposebox Customer Data Platform helps you get to know your audiences through actionable analysis. While the Data Management Platform helps you gain control over your customer journeys, marketing messages, and overall ROI.


Next-Best-Action Marketing

Take away the pressure of complicated decisions and let data speak for itself. And by this we mean choosing smart technology powered by artificial intelligence, and the deep actionable insights garnered from machine learning for true data-driven marketing.


Data-Driven Monetisation

Without the right data monetisation strategies, you risk missing crucial insights for your business improvement. That’s why Exposebox is leveraging your business data to minimise your campaign costs while maximising your results for the ultimate ROI.

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business intelligence

Personalised Product Recommendations

Our advanced personalised product recommendations empowers you to plan and automate hyper-targeted, dynamic customer journeys across multiple channels, reaching each person at the greatest point of impact.

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Easy Media Buying

Buying media, placement and optimisation are all automated. Target the audience segments that matter most through online display channels, social media advertising, mobile and video campaigns.


Smart Email Marketing

Personalise each and every email and newsletter campaign so your messages don’t get left behind. Automate emails to respond to specific customer actions, including Welcome email, Abandoned Cart emails, Abandoned Browse emails, Post Purchase, and much more…


BI and Analytics

Add sponsored products to your personalised recommendations in order to promote products of a supplier, based on various audiences. The products recommendation promotion infrastructure includes an internal bidding mechanism between the relevant sponsored campaigns.

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