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The Importance of Cart Abandonment Email Recovery Journey

The Importance of Cart Abandonment Email Recovery Journey

Cart abandonment email funnels are one of the most efficient methods to help you recover sales, increase revenue, and improve conversion rates. A cart abandonment rate is around 76% of all online transactions. This figure counts the number of people who added items to cart but left out for numerous reasons. 

With the help of personalised emails and product recommendations, you will see an increase in your relevance with your customers and stand out in the crowd.

So, what are cart abandonment emails exactly? 

Cart abandonment emails are triggered messages containing the abandoned cart items. The idea is to remind the user of what was left behind, encouraging them to complete the purchase.

Abandonment emails open, and conversion rates statistics

Our most recent cart abandonment stats review shows that the average abandonment rate is:

  •  30.1% (vs ~13% in other emails) in the fashion eCommerce
  • 52.6% (vs ~24% in other emails) in the online hospitality industry

The reason for such a high rate is because the users expressed an interest in the products and an intent to purchase. In most cases, a well-timed email reminder about the items left in the cart is what was needed to lead them to complete the purchase.

Cart Abandonment Email Recovery
Best Practices for Abandoned Cart Emails 

Delivering emails to customers that abandon their cart is not enough. The best performing emails should contain a great design, smart use of data, and effective copy.

      • Personalise and display the content of cart items.

Exposebox allows personalising the email content by adding dynamic tags pulling the cart content into the email.

      • Add calls to action (CTA) that lead back to cart.

The CTA should be clear and lead back to cart to create the best customer experience possible.

      • Test the delivery schedule.

Everything in life is about perfect timing. Here it applies; sending the email too close to users’ action can be aggressive, and on the other hand, if you wait for too long – they will probably forget about your site and the products. Therefore, Exposebox has tested the best practice scenarios that you will not have to, and we created a pre-build cart abandonment journey for you to apply – with a click of a button. 

      • Care a sense of urgency

If you decide to offer discounts, make sure they’re are time-limited; it helps speed up a purchase decision. 

      • Test and optimise

It’s all about testing and optimising to find the best-performing emails.

There are many components to test within cart abandonment emails. Depends on what you are trying to achieve

  • If you are looking to improve the open rate, then test various subject lines. 
  • The emails do not drive enough traffic? test the CTA, and the copy
  • Do not see a good general response? test the delivery times
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