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Customer Engagement Statistics You Should Know (2021)

Customer Engagement Statistics You Should Know (2021)

The past year has thrown the digital industry, but statistics show a positive future for online businesses. So… if you’re planning a customer retention strategy, the stats below can give you some insights about what users expect to see from your business now and how can you create a strong emotional connection with them.

  • The probability of sales:
    • to an existing customer is between 60 and 70%, 
    • to a new customer is between 5% and up to 20%. –Markinblog
  • The chance of selling to an existing customer is between 3x and up to 35x higher than selling to a new customer. – Markinblog
  • Existing customers bring 65% of a company’s revenue. – Markinblog
  • Loyal customers spend 67%. – Markinblog
  • The email marketing average open rate is 20%. – Mobile Marketing Watch
  • The SMS marketing average open rate is 98%. – Mobile Marketing Watch
  • 72% of users are more likely to be loyal to a business if it offers a personalised shopping experience. –Google
  • By 2021, data analytics-driven businesses will take $1.8 billion annually from less-informed peers. –Forrester Research

Customer engagement is necessary for any industry. The right customer experience will help you better serve customers as they move across customer journeys, and it will help increase their average order value.

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