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Facebook Messenger Marketing

What you ned to know about Facebook Messenger Marketing

Do you want to improve the interaction with your customer? Are you looking for inventive ways to market your brand? Here I will explain how to use Facebook Messenger for enhancing your business.

Many buyers favour chatting to calling or emailing, and this why Facebook Messenger come in handy. You provide instant and personal support.

Why use messenger marketing for business?

High Engagement Rates buyers are more likely to open and click on a message in the messaging app than in any other communication channel. The average open rate is around 80%.

Better user experience one of the great things about Facebook Messenger is that they present a seamless user experience. 

A personal approach with Facebook Messenger marketing, the messages you deliver is easily customised, and the customer can reply directly and chat with customer service.

Facebook Marketing Explained
The campaigns and messages you should be sending

Target non-contactable: Segmenting your customers into specific customer journeys based on behaviour is a great way to engage them. You can send browse abandonment or cart abandonment messages and easily target non-contactable by email buyers.

 Cross-sell and up-sell: you can build customised and very engaging conversations, giving users the personal experience with your business and receive responses in real-time. 

Winback campaigns: Targeting churn customers can support you in winning them back. For example, utilising the AI-based product recommendation that is personal will help you gain their attention. 

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Multichannel Marketing

Exposebox offers various marketing channels to choose from social media marketing, search engine advertising, Messenger, SMSpopupsemail marketing and more. Combine these channels to increase your marketing reach with 1:1 personalisation.

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