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Father’s Day Marketing Ideas to Boost your Sales (2021)

Father's Day Marketing Ideas (2021)

Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year. For shoppers, this means finding the perfect gift for their dads. In eCommerce marketing, Father’s Day campaigns are highly effective, with more people celebrating each year. 

As marketing campaigns become more creative and highly targeted by using marketing automation, there are gifts for every type of dad

No matter what Father’s Day marketing ideas you’re thinking of, it would be best if you started with segmentationpersonal product recommendations and automate your marketing.

  1. Segments: Define, target, and boost conversions!

To boost your sales, start with creating personal, segmented offers.

Create a personalised AI-based gift guide based on shoppers’ preferences and past behaviour.

  1. Onsite pop-ups promoting the offer

If your shoppers missed your emails about Father’s day promo and arrived on your website regardless, it will be a good opportunity to display o pop up with the ongoing promotion.

  1. Set-up browse recovery and cart abandonment automation

These marketing strategies are highly effective, not only in specific promotions! With the Exposebox marketing automation strategies, you will send automated reminders to engage customers who browsed and didn’t buy, and those who added items to the cart didn’t complete the purchase. 

  • Simple email template containing the products they viewed or added to the cart.
  • Add the AI-based product suggestions based on your visitors collected data.
  • Add an additional reminder with an enhanced offer that is valid for a short duration to create a sense of urgency.

With creativity, inspiration and the Exposebox AI at your service, you are sure to create a successful dad-approved marketing strategy.

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