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How To Create A Thriving Pre-Launch Marketing Campaign

Product and e-shops launch is exciting, but you need to build a successful pre-launch marketing campaign to succeed. Preparing the marketing strategy in advance will conclude your go-live results.

Start with collecting user emails through a dedicated landing page

Collecting user emails is one of the most important steps in the pre-launch marketing strategy. The collected emails ensure that people with interest in your brand or products will be engaged and excited about your launch – after all, they’ve signed up because they don’t want to miss it and expect to hear from you. 

Here are a few tips for producing a compelling coming soon landing page that will attract your prospects:

  • Set a countdown
  • Make it shareable
  • Go mobile

To start collecting leads emails before your launch is by a dedicated landing page that briefly explains what to expect and the launch day. 

Make sure to keep it simple; the coming soon landing page should be focused only on one thing, info about the launch and collecting emails.

After leads joined your mailing list:

  • Make sure to updated subscribers closer to the day to keep them engaged. 
  • On launch day, email your subscribers with a relevant link.

These basic steps will help you drive immediate traffic.

Pre-Launch Marketing Campaign
Create an exciting content

A great way to grow your subscriber’s list is by creating unique content. I always liked a good teaser campaign; this helps maintain people’s curiosity and drive the traffic you want. A good teaser campaign drives social engagement in a way that no other content can do. It is building excitement – you’re giving them something to talk about. For a successful pre-launch marketing strategy, keep your content interesting. Publish it on relevant forums; social channels paid ad campaigns.

Try to get an influencer or a blogger to help you promote the launch

Collaborating with influencers and bloggers can have a large impact on your launch. When the influencer has considerable followers amount the buzz for your product launch could become enormous.


Through careful research, planning, and goal-setting, you can create a campaign that will keep your audience on the edges of their seats.

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