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5 Benefits of Personalised Product Recommendations

5 benefits of showing personalised product recommendations on your website

People who like recommendations buy more

Studies about product recommendations showed thatwhile only 7% of shoppers clicked on arecommendation, these same shoppers generated 24%of orders and 26% of total revenue.

Recommended products drives sales

The conversion rate for visitors clicking on recommended products is 5.5X higher than for visitors who didn’t click.

Personalised recommendations make the prospect to purchase more.

Personalisation increases the possibility of a prospect purchasing from you by 75%.

Customers return to sites with recommendations

56% of customers are more likely to return to a site that offers product recommendations and a personalised shopping experience.

Product recommendations prove your professional value

As online shoppers are used to personalisation they associate it with professionalism; so it’s an ideal way to show you’re a serious e-commerce site.

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