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Everything You Need to Know About Social Media Marketing

Social Media in eCommerce Marketing

As an eCommerce, your goal is to generate revenue and positive ROI daily. And while many digital marketing channels can support your goal, social media marketing will gain you new and repeating customers.

What is social media eCommerce marketing?

A social media eCommerce marketing is a strategic marketing planning on various social media channels that can help to improve your brands’ awareness and increase traffic, which helps you generate sales and revenue. Depending on your brand goals, the strategy you want to focus on:

  • Driving direct traffic from social channels to the e-shop.
  • Direct communicating with users
  • Collecting data insights from your audience and competitors.
social media marketing
Build brand awareness

Brand awareness is about user seeing your post on any marketing channels and saying, “Oh, I know this brand…” You will make it incredibly easier for prospects to remember and recognise you if your brand guidelines are constable and have a unique personality. Building brand awareness is a long process, and an ongoing strategy will help you build brand awareness and reach your target audience. 

Gaining and increasing followers 

Gaining followers on social media has to be a priority, and providing unique and exciting content will help you grow your followers base. The more people following you will attract more people to follow, and it increases the appearance of your posts. Asking followers to share your content helps, as long as the requests aren’t too frequent and you offer something in return. 

Promotional posts

Start with defining a goal; are you trying to clear out inventory? Do you want to promote new arrival? Boost sales? There are different tactics to practice for different goals. 

Post regularly

Once your social media presence starts gaining followers, you’ll want to appear in their feed and maintain a good reach constantly.

Share positive reviews and ratings

Getting positive reviews and ratings is crucial in driving an eCommerce shops success. 

  • Buyers trust other buyers reviews more than they do brand-created descriptions.
  • 70% of buyers read reviews before purchasing.
  • 90% of buyers state that real people reviews influenced their decision to purchase.

If you want to build trust through your social media channels, it’s necessary to feature your ratings and reviews. It’s also essential to ask your existing shoppers to rate your brand and products on different platforms

Post-users’ content

Encourage your users to publish or share content featuring your brand and products on their social media – this helps you gain people’s trust in your brand and achieve social proof.

To sum up

Social media marketing is one of the most important marketing channels. There are so many advantages that you gain with direct access to your audience.

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