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It’s time to leverage your Shopify sites’ data and deliver 1:1 content personalisation.

This allows you to target, convert, retain and grow your customer base across every touchpoint onsite and meet your business goals every time.

☆ Product recommendations for Shopify® stores are driven by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning ☆ Automatically displays relevant recommendations for each shopper ☆ Easy to use ☆No coding required

Delivering a transformative shopping experience, personalised product recommendations instantly boost:

Cross-sells & Upsells

Automatically testing and managing product recommendations creating the best cross-sell and upsell opportunities

Customer Engagement

Creating a true connection with customers by engaging them with personalised product recommendations

Customer Experience

Building loyalty by delivering a personalised experience with your brand

Developed for Shopify®

The Exposebox recommendations app works with any theme and fully responsive

30-day Free Trial

Using AI and Machine Learning, customer behaviour and interests are used to provide personalised product recommendations to every customer in your Shopify® store real-time.

This translates to truly unique and personalised shopping experiences that instantly show customers the products they are most likely to purchase

Depending on your strategy, you can present tailored product recommendations in whichever category you choose.








Sync your product catalogue 


The catalogue data directly affects the recommendations predictions the Exposebox AI provides.


 Track real-time customer behaviour

Real-time analysis allows you to track stats and react instantly when needed to optimise relevant touchpoints.


 Serve the most accurate recommendations

Upsell your Shopify® customers with the most relevant product recommendations.

Onsite Personalised Recommendations
      • Personalised product recommendations will help you grow your Shopify store’s revenue.
      • Automatic Recommendation using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
      • Visual Editor for customising the recommendations widget
      • Professional services available every step of the way

All it takes is a quick install of the app, and the data exchange between Exposebox and your shop is set. 

Customised use

Add product recommendations to your homepage, product pages, or at checkout.

The look and feel is up to you. We have many different layouts that can be customised to work perfectly with your brand.

Start increasing sales immediately

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Improve performance, engage customers and increase revenue for Shopify® businesses