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How does the smart
email marketing works?

Exposebox is a highly intuitive, yet powerful marketing tool. Using it you are uniquely able to personalise each email campaign, and automate the relevant touchpoints.

smart email marketing

Through a combination of your data, smart segmentation, and the drag n drop builder , it allows you to target, create, and deliver email campaigns – triggered by any user action you choose – with unprecedented ease and incredible speed.

But more than that, what Exposebox really lets you do is engage with customers, every step of the way. That’s because when you’re able to implement smart segmentation, you’re finally able to reach your customers. In practice, that means:

  • Send each customer the right message at the right time.
  • Make each customer feel like the valued individual they are.

Ultimately this is the winning method for solidifying sales, increasing retention, boosting loyalty, building long-term relationships, and significantly decreasing your churn.

Main Features

  1. Straightforward email editor – No need for a developer.
  2. Product recommendations are embedded inside the email layout.
  3. Your onsite customer behaviour is automatically synced with the web widget and email recommendations.
  4. Rich, email template library – So you can easily pick the right look and feel for your brand.
  5. Just two simple steps required to create an email campaign:
    • Create the layout
    • Set up / schedule the campaign
  6. Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms work together to create smart segmentation and dynamic content.
  7. Triggers for sending emails are based on real-time customer behaviours – Abandoned cart/browse history, etc.
  8. Segmentation also draws on cumulated history– For example, users that purchased/didn’t purchase in the last X days.
  9. Each campaign is optimised according to the goal/s you set.

Send. Test. Optimise. Repeat.

Successful email marketing is actually a big cycle. Or as we like to put it: Send. Test. Optimise. Repeat. Because in email marketing, there’s no such thing as one and done.

Reporting helps you see which emails you sent are performing well and which ones to a lesser degree. And while you possibly want to eliminate lower-performing emails, we always recommend tweaking and comparing to see which elements work for best performance results. Perhaps your messaging was off or the subject line a little uninspired.

Basically, to figure it all out and optimise every email, you need to do A/B testing. This way, you can test different elements in every email group to determine which emails generate more clicks and revenue.

After that, you can use the best-performing email as your base, and keep working from there, always focusing on results. Because as an e-marketer you know, every percent gained has a direct impact on your revenue.

The bottom line, while emails, is a great way to build engagement and customers’ experience with your brand; they are also one of the most efficient ways to increase your revenue. And that, at the end of the day, is what you want to do.


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