February 2, 2021

Everything you need to know about SMS marketing

A highly efficient way to reach, engage and retain.

SMS has the highest open rate of 98% within the first 15 minutes of delivery. Therefore SMS marketing is a fast, effective and adaptable channel to maximise communication reach.

Our automated message funnels allow you to deliver personalised, hyper-targeted SMS messages with ease. Want to empower your marketing? Integrate both SMS marketing and email marketing from one consolidated dashboard – it couldn’t get any easier!

SMS personalisation

Personalisation is the key – it drives better results, a higher engagement rate and, above all, brand loyalty. With the Exposebox SMS platform, you will be able to personalise every bit of your SMS campaigns by using the right message to the right persona.

SMS automation 

Exposebox allows marketers to automate messages from email marketing, social media, direct messaging, and even SMS messaging. Keep in mind that you have to get permission from users to send SMS messages. 

  1. You can deliver many types of messages, such as transactional SMS triggered by users’ actions, e.g., newsletter sign up, placing an online order etc. 
  2. Don’t compromise only on email marketing.
  3. Automated email journeys and add SMS to the mix that will boost your marketing efforts. Automate date-triggered SMS marketing messages. Engage users in the moments that matter to them — from meeting reminders to birthdays wishes and abandoned cart text reminders. 




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