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Emailing customers

sharing the same email address

When using the omnichannel to email customers, only one email can be sent within 24 hours period from a specific Email Campaign node.

You can email on the same day to multiple customers who are sharing the same email address (i.e. father, son and a daughter who all use the same email).  To be able to do so, change the ‘Block by Property’ section to ‘Customer’.


To target multiple customers sharing the same email address you need to set the ‘Block by Property’ option to ‘Customer’.

in case of the Block By Property is set as Email (which is the default setting), only one email will be sent to all the users with the same email address.


Example: Three customers are sharing the same email address, but have different CRM ID and all of them have a membership that is about to expire on 1/9/2020. 

By selecting ‘Block by Property = Email’, we will email all the customers that their membership ends on 1/9/2020 – our system will deliver only one email to that email address. 

By selecting ‘Block by Property = Customer’ Exposebox email three communications to the same email address on the same day.