Ad networks integration guide

Ad Networks Integration
Google Ads
  • Login to Google Ads
  • Go to Settings and Billing ->Access and Security
  • Grant access to Exposebox MCC email address:



Partner Permissions 

Grant Exposebox ‘Partner’ permissions to your assets:

  1. Go to Business Manager -> Users -> Partners -> Add + -> Give a partner access to your assets. 
  2. Use Exposebox Business ID 628389973965536 
  3. Make sure to allow Admin Access – ‘Manage Ad Account’
  4. Go back to Users -> Partners 
  5. Search for Exposebox account
  6. Click on ‘Share Assets’
  7. Share the below assets with Exposebox:
    • Page permissions:
      • Create ads
      • View Page performance 
    • Ad accounts
      • Manage Ad Account
    • Pixel Permission:
      • View Pixels
      • Manage Pixel

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