Customer engagement starts with personalized shopping experiences

Dynamically adapt and personalize your recommendations to each user’s preferences. Create relevant product displays and you transform the shopping experience and drive more revenue with personalized product recommendations across your site, emails, and SMS.

Product recommendations​

We help to build personalized customer experiences in a few clicks. 

Using our personalized recommendation solution, you can overcome the marketing challenges and successfully improve your product reach, increase sales, and boost your onsite impact.

We support all e-commerce platforms. Shopify® user?

Achieve sustainable growth, higher order values

0 X

Returning shoppers spend more than a new shopper.‎

0 X

Customer ‎acquisition costs is higher than customer ‎retention

60 %

Of consumers prefer ‎brands that offer ‎personalized ‎content, and ‎experiences.‎

Multichannel product discovery

Set up autonomous customer journeys that incorporate various marketing channels to maximize customer interaction opportunities.

  • Visual editor for customizing the product recommendation widget.
  • Professional services are available every step of the way
  • Quick integration and the data exchange between Exposebox and your shop is set.

Onsite products personalization

Leverage your sites’ data and deliver 1:1 product personalization. This allows you to display, convert and grow your customer base across every touchpoint on your site.

Our onsite product personalization engine is backed by:

  • Constant machine learning optimization
  • Individualized products
Multichannel product discovery​

Smart product recommendations

Our AI algorithms provide personalized product recommendations monetizing your data. With each user interaction, you will gain better value from your sites’ traffic and give your users ever-more relevant product recommendations.

☆ Exposebox product recommendations driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning ☆ Automatically displays personalized products for each shopper ☆

Personal recommendations will instantly boost:

Customer experience

Building loyalty by delivering a personalized shopping experience for each shopper.

Cross-sells & upsells

Automatically testing and optimizing strategies creating the best opportunities.

Improve product discovery

Engage and convert shoppers by displaying relevant product recommendations.

Why use automated product recommendations?

The Exposebox product recommendation was developed to simplify your workflow. When you choose Exposebox, all of your hard work will become automated:

  • All customers’ data is centralized on our advanced customer data platform (CDP).
  • A/I testings are done automatically, eliminating the headache of trial and error.
  • Personalized product recommendations are quick and easy to apply.

Algorithms that learn your customers

The personalized recommendation algorithms employing artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning capabilities, customer behavior, and interests – all are used to provide personalized recommendations to every customer in your shop in real-time. 

This translates to personalized shopping experiences that instantly show products that the users are most likely to purchase. 

Learn how Exposebox dramatically increased conversion and AOV whilst creating personalized shopping experiences for every customer.
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We integrate with all technology providers to ensure optimized users’ shopping experience. Our out-of-the-box integrations ensure easy integration, risk-free deployment and quick time-to-market.