AI-Powered personalization & marketing automation platform

Transform your customer data into personalized product recommendations across on-site recommendations, email, and SMS

AI-Powered eCommerce personalization & marketing automation platform

Build personalized shopping experiences

Increase sales and customer engagement with an AI-driven personalization and marketing automation platform

5 %
Directly attributed revenue
1 X
Conversion rate uplift
10 %
Average order value uplift
Personalized product recommendations

Website personalization starts with a 1:1 personal experience with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, and your sites' data.

CDP - Customer data platform​

Make better decisions using data you trust while gaining control over your user journeys, marketing messages, and overall ROI

Smart Email & SMS

Engage your customers with an AI-based smart messaging platform. Stimulate the digital reach with the right message at the right time

DMP - Data management platform​

Gain control and make better decisions using data you can trust. Powered by the Exposebox DMP - data management platform


We help online shops to build personalized customer experiences in a few clicks

With Exposebox integrated into your site, you can better respond to your user’s preferences and reach them with dynamic, hyper-targeted content at the right time and in the right place for the highest ROI.

Learn how successful eCommerce website Everything 5 Pounds achieved a 30% sales increase using personal email recommendations.

Product recommendations​ widget
Product recommendations​ widget2

Personalized shopping on a whole new level

When we say personalization, we mean recommendation capabilities across channels to ensure your customers and prospects receive personalized offers onsite, and offsite. This omnichannel approach significantly:

  • Boosts engagement

  • Improving traffic

  • Increasing conversions, and AOV

In addition to onsite recommendations, ExposeBox AI-based personalization automates tailored emails triggered by certain activities and SMS.

We integrate with all technology providers to ensure optimized users’ shopping experience. Our out-of-the-box integrations ensure easy integration, risk-free deployment, and quick time-to-market.
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