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Customer Engagement
Starts with
a Personalised Shopping Experience

Our easy to install recommendation widget
helps online retailers build personalised customer experiences in just a few clicks

of consumers prefer brands that offer personalised content and experiences. This isn’t just an opinion held by the vast majority of shoppers. It’s proven in their actions.
In fact, brands that personalise recommendations, see dramatic growth and higher order values - quickly!

70 %
270 %
5 %

Product recommendations also help you focus on higher value customers, maximising your ROI

Customer acquisition costs 5X more than customer retention

Return shoppers spend 57% more than new shoppers

On average, return shoppers are just 39% of total traffic

Exposebox Recommendation Widget

Turn browsers into shoppers

You can transform the shopping experience and drive more revenue by leading customers to the products they actually want and like, through relevant recommendations. Driven by AI, these targeted recommendations can be shown on any page of your website, in emails, on popups, and across other channels.

Optimise your data

Optimise your data, optimise your sales. Armed with our data-based recommendations, you will be able to find your most valuable audiences and nurture high-impact relationships – faster, more accurately, and far more efficiently.

Ensure product discovery

Using the data garnered from different learning algorithms — such as bestsellers or trending products — mixed in with personalisation is a powerful merchandising tool. This way you’re able to fine-tune what each customer sees, guaranteeing great exposure for your products combined with increased customer satisfaction.

Increase average order value

Exposebox automatically assesses how to get shoppers to add more products to their cart. You can recommend related, recently viewed, upsell, and complementary cross-sell products based on the individual’s behaviour, previous purchases, and more.

Why Exposebox?

With the Exposebox widget integrated on your website, you are better able to respond to your shoppers’ preferences, and reach them with dynamic, hyper-targeted content, at the right time, in the right place for the highest ROI.

A comprehensive marketing tool, our recommendation engine is backed by:

Seamless integration

Constant A/B testing

Individualised offer mapping

Internal bidding

Hands-on training

Hands-on training

To make the most of each Exposebox tool, we offer extensive training – with guidance ensured every step of the way – so you can maximise impact and run your campaigns with ease.

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