The perfect marketing
campaign is personal

ExposeBox is a multichannel marketing hub that transforms the entire customer life cycle. Our AI and ML-powered solution automates and personalizes every user touchpoint. Your customers are unique; keep them engaged with the right storytelling, offers, and channels.

Our data-driven solution

Build better audiences

Centralized ad management

Personalized widgets

Predictive Analytics

Easy media buying

Smart email marketing

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Personalizing diverse industries

Here’s how personalization transformed
our customers ROI.

“In 2019, thanks to ExposeBox, we experienced excellent click through rates on our Black Friday deals. Our average order value increased as a result of personalized product listing recommendations.”

“During Black Friday we had a great CTR on recommendations. Our conversion rates increased thanks to ExposeBox”

“Using ExposeBox we were able to create new audience segments and optimize our ad spend. Onsite personalization was very valuable too."

The ExposeBox Advantage

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Continuous optimization

We optimize every aspect of your marketing, from customer segments to campaigns, specific trigger events and so much more.

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Marketing 360

We build you end-to-end autonomous user journeys to keep customers engaged and coming back throughout the user life cycle.

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Grow your revenue

Easily integrate with ad exchanges to connect with customers across every platform. Exceed your KPIs and dramatically boost revenue.

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Increased efficiency

We work to personalize everything so you get the most out of your customers throughout their life cycle. Spend less time and money while increasing your ROI.

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Simple setup & integration

ExposeBox is easy to set up through JS pixel integration and takes less than an hour to get running. We are integrated with all major ad exchanges so you can create and transfer assets for the best campaigns yet.

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One-on-one support

As soon as you get started you will be assigned a personal success manager to help with everything you need. Troubleshooting is easy with our team’s support.