1:1 website personalization

Website personalization starts with a 1:1 personal user experience with the help of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) capabilities, and your site’s data.

1:1 website personalization

Personalization benifets

Better product discovery

The product recommendation widget can be applied across all marketing channels. The mechanism knows what to display to maximize conversions

A better customer experience

The Exposebox eCommerce solution delivers a consistent, unforgettable, personalized shopping experience for your shoppers

Real-time triggers

Triggers allow you to deliver relevant, real-time email & SMS communications based on user's behavior. Convert more with automated campaigns

Audience discovery

The audience manager and segmentation tools help you create audience profiles to identify your most valuable shoppers and leverage them across channels.

Conversion. Retention . Automation

The Exposebox website personalization engine will turn your data into robust customer journeys that will help you easily acquire, convert and retain.

Conversion. Retention. Automation
Deliver a better customer experience

Deliver a better customer experience

The Exposebox eCommerce solution delivers a consistent, unforgettable shopping experience for your shoppers. With our technology, you can:

  • Enhance your cross-channel reach

  • Target users with personalized display ads

  • Trigger emails based on customers’ behavior

  • Prevent churn and win-back customers

Leverage Exposebox AI for website improvement

AI and machine learning capabilities help you automatically optimize your campaigns to reach the desired goals, whether you’re looking to increase conversion, reduce bounce rate, or improve the ROI.

  • Do more with the data you trust

    Your data is useful – empowering you to personalize every touchpoint across all channels with ease, automatically adapting it to fit each persona, industry, and need.

  • Gain valuable insights

    Uncover your most valuable segments with real-time data. And let the system do the work for you automatically by executing look-a-like targeting, predictive analytics, RFM analysis, and pinpointing customers most likely to churn.

  • Deliver cross-channel

    Leverage AI to deliver personalized content across all marketing channels, from your website to relevant Facebook ads, and send customized emails based on behavioral triggers.


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