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About Exposebox

Exposebox was founded in 2013 by a group of tech innovators

who wanted to put their expertise in machine learning, natural language processing,

and text mining to work, to improve website personalisation and the ecommerce experience.

The Exposebox Team and the Exposebox Dream

In Exposebox, we are committed to helping businesses personalise their customer lifecycle and get to know customer’s behaviour in-depth, through detailed analytics.

To date, we have personalised thousands of web pages and worked with businesses of all sizes. Therefore, all of our clients have seen an accelerated increase in performance and ROI across all their marketing channels.

The Exposebox Mission

At Exposebox, in fact, we are committed to helping businesses personalise the entire customer lifecycle. This is done in three basic steps:

First, we getting to know your customers. By understanding users behaviour, in-depth, through detailed analytics.

Based on this analysis, in effect, we deliver actionable insights so you can automatically take the next best step in your marketing. In other words, what we’re doing is getting your data to work for you, most optimally.

Exposebox Marketing Tools

In addition to the product recommendations, we offer many robust marketing automation tools. They can be used in unison or individually based on your business needs.

Given these points, you can use our complete omnichannel marketing cloud for a continuous 360° view of every prospect and customer. Or, if you prefer, you can opt for standalone Exposebox products.

Of course, there are our high-performing Customer Data Platform and Data Management Platform to consider. They are, after all, the fuel for making better marketing decisions every time.

That’s because they enable you to use the data in a more modernised manner. Plus, you get the benefit of the built-in BI and analytics – all of which, are essential to propelling your success.

Populate Your Website with
Personalised Product Recommendations

To this end, our primary tool is the Exposebox product recommendation. Powered by artificial intelligence, it instantly generates hyper-targeted content. Which works to great effect in terms of engagement, customer satisfaction, and sealing the deal.

Simple by Design

All things considered, at Exposebox, we design with the philosophy that simplicity is best. That’s why Exposebox is quick to onboard and easy to use over the long haul.

We know that not every business owner or manager is a tech expert. And even if you are, we appreciate your time. Exposebox is simple to use; the interface is intuitive, with minimal setup required. This is a marketing system that will save you time, reduce everyday work hassles, and all while improving your profitability.

Put even more accurately, working with Exposebox will help you streamline your marketing processes, allowing you to better target your customers.

In effect, you don’t have to take our word for it. Instead, we invite you to download the Exposebox Product Recommendation app from the Shopify® store, free of charge for 30-days.

That way you can see for yourself what Exposebox is really about.

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