Exposebox - our story

Exposebox was founded by a group of tech innovators who wanted to put their expertise in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to work, to improve website personalization, user journey, and the overall digital experience. The result was the Exposebox end-to-end multichannel market­ing personalization platform, which makes it easy for online businesses to leverage customer data, optimize marketing campaigns, and dramatically boost ROI.

Exposebox - about us

The Exposebox mission

We are committed to helping businesses personalize their entire customer lifecycle and get to know their customer’s behavior in-depth, through detailed analytics.

To date, we have personalized thousands of web pages and worked with businesses of all sizes from SMBs all the way to Enterprise corporations. All of our clients have seen a rapid increase in performance and ROI across all their marketing channels.

Exposbox is simple by design

At Exposebox, we design with the philosophy that simplicity is best. That’s why, for starters, Exposebox is super quick to onboard and easy to use over the long haul. After all, we know that not every business owner or manager is a tech expert. And even if you are, we appreciate your time, recognizing your energy is better spent on other things than figuring out tricky technology. 

As such, Exposebox not only is simple to use, with a very short learning curve, the interface is intuitive, and many of its most impactful actions are done automatically, with minimal setup or maintenance involved.

In other words, this is a marketing system that will truly save you time, reduce everyday work hassles, and all while improving your profitability. Or perhaps put even more accurately, working with Exposebox will help you streamline your marketing processes, allowing you to better target your customers and deliver more effective campaigns with far less headache involved.

We help to build personalized customer experiences
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Working at Exposebox means feeling empowered to make a difference and inspired to bring innovation. We believe that to make an impact, we need to bring experts and innovators together. So… check out our open positions, and together we will change how businesses work across the globe.

Amir Morag
Amir Morag

CEO @ Exposebox

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Working with Exposebox will help you streamline your marketing processes, allowing you to better target your customers.