Email marketing platform

Start your AI-based, data-driven email marketing effortlessly! Use the Exposebox email marketing platform to createsegment, target, and deliver personalized email campaigns. Triggered by any user action you choose, you can personalize each email and automate all relevant touchpoints.

email marketing platform

Automate the email marketing journeys

Email marketing automation and customer journeys have never been more approachable than with the visual journey builder. Easily create and deliver authentic personal content throughout the customer lifecycle.

  • Embedded product recommendations

    The embedded recommendations utilize users' data to promote the most relevant products. Add recommended products to your emails and increase retention and revenue.

  • 1:1 Email personalization

    Create a 1:1 dynamic, personalised experience—display relevant content based on customer interaction with your brand.

  • Smart segmentations

    Segmentation also draws on cumulated history– For example, users that purchased/didn’t purchase in the last X days.

  • Dynamic content

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms work together to create smart segmentation and dynamic content.

  • Real-time triggers

    Set real-time triggers for sending emails are based on real-time customer behaviors – Abandoned cart/browse history, etc.

  • Time-zone localization

    Personalize the email delivery time by sending every email at the users' local time zone.

Learn how Exposebox dramatically increased conversion and AOV while creating a personalized email marketing experience for every customer.

Deliver exactly what your contacts want to see

Segmentation and dynamic content make it easy to customize your emails and send personal emails to contacts. Then create very engaging email campaigns with our drag and drop visual email builder. Not very creative? Simply pick one of our professionally designed, fully responsive templates.

Smart email marketing platform
Product recommendation app

Smart product recommendations

Our AI algorithms provide personalized product recommendations monetizing your data. With each user interaction, you will gain better value from your sites’ traffic and give your users ever-more relevant product recommendations.

  • Driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning

  • Automatically displays personalized products for each shopper

Why AI-based email marketing?

Why do I need AI-based email marketing, you may ask? And what’s up with segmentation?

Well, simply put, in today’s competitive field, smart email marketing is the cornerstone for your success. That is, using data, artificial intelligence, and proven email marketing techniques to:

  • Increase customer engagement

  • Improve open rates (OR)

  • Accelerate revenue

Exposebox allows you to engage with your customers every step of the way. That’s because when you’re able to implement smart segmentation, you’re finally able to reach your customers. 

Send each customer the right message at the right time.  Make each customer feel like the valued individual they are.

Why AI-based email marketing?
Customer experience

Building loyalty by delivering a personalized shopping experience for each shopper.

Cross-sells & upsells

Automatically testing and optimizing strategies creating the best opportunities.

Improve product discovery

Engage and convert shoppers by displaying relevant product recommendations.

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We integrate with all technology providers to ensure optimized users’ shopping experience. Our out-of-the-box integrations ensure easy integration, risk-free deployment and quick time-to-market.