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Marketing Automation Platform

The marketing automation or, as we call it, customer journey - is the path your customers take to complete the desired action, which for an eCommerce business, is making a purchase.

A Better Customer Experience

Give a more satisfying customer experience with marketing automation– connect with your users when it’s relevant and turn them into loyal shoppers.

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Automated Customer Journey Templates

We have tens of predefined customer journey templates that you can choose from

Welcome Journey

A welcome email journey is a series of emails that you automatically trigger to new users after signing up for your email list or create an account.

Post-Purchase Journey

Post-purchase journeys are post-purchase follow-up emails that increase retention as well as cross-sell and up-sell.

Post-purchase Survey Journey

Want to learn more about your customers? The products they've purchased from you? Obtaining this information can help to improve your business.

Birthday Emails

A birthday email is a message that is automatically triggered on a users' birthday or at a selected time. I.e. Birthday -5, the user will receive the email five days before their birthday.

Email Personalisation

Product Recommendations Journey

The product recommendation journey will help you to increase product discovery and increase sales.

Browse Recovery Journey

Browse recovery emails are one of the best ways to push shoppers to buy and drive additional revenue.

Cart abandonment Journey

Cart abandonment emails are some of the most effective marketing campaigns because they based on real-time data and target those already in the purchase path.

Churn Prevention Journey

With the Exposebox Churn Prediction Model, we know precisely when the customer is about to churn, and you have the tools to prevent it.

Simple setup - Constant Results

Save time and money

Our visual customer journey builder is simple to use but powerful enough to support all complex marketing needs. 

Obtain and convert leads

Set pop-up campaign – trigger emails to all new subscribers, and nurture them with a welcome offer journey.

Build a strong connection with your brand

Create a 1:1 dynamic, personalised experience—display relevant content based on customer interaction with your brand.

Measure the campaign impact

Improve user engagement with a data-driven approach. A visual analytics interface ensures essential stats are always at your fingertips.