Smarter customer journeys

Marketing automation platform

With Exposebox AI-powered marketing automation, your marketing needs and data are all in one powerful unified platform. So save precious time and get all your needs to provide a personalized user experience.

Marketing Automation Platform
marketing automation solution

Marketing automation solution - save time

You don’t need to be a tech expert in marketing automation – our visual customer journey builder allows you to set up automated workflows in seconds and automate every part of your customer lifecycle.

Leverage your customer data

Use all contact data to personalize your marketing messages, advance your targeting conditions, and increase conversions.

Obtain and convert leads - automatically

Set a popup campaign – trigger emails to all new subscribers, and nurture them with a welcome offer.

Build a strong connection with your brand

Create a 1:1 dynamic, automated, personalized user experience—deliver relevant communication based on customer interaction with your brand.

Automate cross-channel campaigns

Segment and set automatic cross-channel campaigns that seamlessly interact with your users online and offline – utilizing your sites’ data. 

See the entire user journey in the automation canvas

See all your automation journeys in a single view – you can check performance reports, then optimize in a few clicks.

Measure the campaign impact

Increase your revenue and provide a consistent, omnichannel customer experience by combining multichannel view on a single platform.

Build a strong connection with your brand

As a result, you will love how Exposebox simplifies your email marketing and reduces your day-to-day hassles – giving you smart segmentation and accurate messaging instantly.

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