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The Exposebox technology makes it easy for you to treat users. No matter what marketing challenges you may be facing, our solution will help you optimize your campaigns for greater efficiency, higher AOV & ROI, and less churn.

Email marketing platform

Achieve sustainable growth, higher order values

Use our complete multi-channel marketing for a continuous 360° view of every prospect and customer.

Get the added benefit of the inherent business intelligence (BI) and analytics dashboard.

Opt for standalone Exposebox products like the smart email marketing tool that personalizes emails.

marketing solution

Design a seamless e-commerce experience that your customers anticipate. Using the Exposebox platform, you will overcome the many challenges of today’s marketing landscape and successfully extend your market reach, increase sales, and boost your impact across social mediaemail, and the paid advertising frontier.

Learn how Exposebox dramatically increased conversion and AOV whilst creating personalized shopping experiences for every customer.

End-to-end eCommerce marketing solution
Better customer experience for travel & hospitality

Better customer experience for
travel & hospitality

To stay ahead, you need to be sure your marketing efforts are invested right; only when you can truly personalize your interactions will you reach your maximum ROI.

Read how leading hotel chain – Fattal increases customer engagement and bookings with the Exposebox marketing personalization platform.​

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Marketing solution for
media & agencies

The media advertising and digital agency space are jam-packed with data. In fact, you probably have so much data; you don’t know what to do with it, you have goals to reach and budgets to stretch. We’re here to help you.

Cart abandonment strategies your competitors wish they knew
Shopify© product recommendations

product recommendation

Integration with a simple app download, easy-to-understand analytics, backed by professional service support. Exposebox is the ideal way to maximize your online store’s true potential.

Product recommendations are driven by artificial intelligence, and machine learning automatically displays relevant recommendations based on your stores’ data cross-sells & upsells opportunities- automatically testing and managing product recommendations creating the best cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

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We integrate with all technology providers to ensure optimized users’ shopping experience. Our out-of-the-box integrations ensure easy integration, risk-free deployment and quick time-to-market.