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Learn how to target the smart way, and keep customers engaged with the right storytelling, offers, and channels.


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Get a cutting-edge marketing cloud and make data-driven decisions

to optimise marketing efforts and personalise communication.

Get more sales from your online store. Use Exposebox analytics tools to drive relevant traffic to your site, and provide visitors with a tailor made personalised experience. Grow your online shop and maximise the lifetime value of your shoppers.

Better understand your customers’ preferences and decision-making processes. Predict their future travel bookings and purchasing and automate your advertising campaigns. Create detailed audience segments to increase ROI.

Integration with a simple app download, easy to understand analytics, backed by professional service support. Exposebox is the ideal way to maximise your online store’s true potential.

Get more leads, increase conversion, improve retention and increase revenue for your clients. Promote the content that matters to the right users by leveraging our detailed analytics. Increase engagement and keep your users coming back for more. Boost ad impressions and page views.

Exposebox is an end-to-end personalised multichannel market­ing cloud, which makes it easy for online businesses to leverage customer data, optimise marketing campaigns, and dramatically boost their ROI.

Your prospects and customers are unique. Exposebox technology makes it easy for you to treat them that way.

No matter what marketing challenges you may be facing, our solution will help you optimise your campaigns for greater efficiency, higher AOV & ROI, less churn.

Find Your Best Customers – Quickly, Easily, and Accurately

Put more simply, it’s safe to say, that investing in return customers makes good business sense.

That’s why a big part of our solution focuses on return visitors to maximise their interactions with your brand, and continually optimise them even more.

Exposebox Marketing Tools

  • You can use our complete omnichannel marketing cloud for a continuous 360° view of every prospect and customer, and optimised experiences via personalised campaigns across all online channels, including web, email, social, and mobile.
  • You can opt for standalone Exposebox products like the smart email marketing tool that personalises emails. 
  • Turn to Exposebox for easy media buying, placement, and optimisation – accurately targeting the right audience segments, with the highest impact, automatically.
  • The high-performing Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Data Management Platform (DMP) to consider. 
  • Plus, you get the added benefit of the inherent business intelligence (BI) and analytics dashboard– all of which, indeed, are crucial to both your peace of mind, and ultimately, propelling your shop’s success.
Give your eCommerce business a boost with Exposebox marketing. Using your data for smart segmentation, you’ll better reach customers across all channels.

Get answers to any questions you might have, and find out why Exposebox is the right choice for your business