AI-based SMS tool

SMS marketing platform

Create, target, and deliver with the Exposebox SMS marketing platform– triggered by any user action you choose – using it you are uniquely able to personalize each SMS campaign and automate all relevant touchpoints.

Automate your SMS marketing

Automate your SMS marketing

Exposebox enables you to engage with your customers, personalize SMS messages, and automate any relevant touchpoints to solidify sales. And this way to increase customer retention, customer loyalty and build long-term relationships to prevent churn rate. Marketing automation is essential to running an efficient business. And now, with the Exposebox SMS marketing solution, you can extend the power of automation to the realm of SMS marketing.

Why AI-based SMS marketing?

average open rate for SMS campaigns
80 %

An average open rate for SMS campaigns.

higher response rate than any other marketing channel.
180 %

higher response rate than any other marketing channel.

SMS marketing
0 X

higher redemption rate than other types of coupons.

The power of smart SMS marketing
75 X

of SMS messages are read within the first 3 minutes.

The power of smart SMS marketing

Deliver exactly what your contacts want to recieve

Segmentation and dynamic content make it easy to customize your messages and send targeted content to the right contact. When you deliver exactly what your contacts want, your SMS seems personal and more people engage with your marketing efforts.

Automate your SMS marketing journeys

Customer journeys have never been more approachable than with the visual journey builder. Easily create and deliver authentic content throughout the customer lifecycle.

Integrate your way

We support all types of integrations so you can seamlessly connect all your data.

The power of smart SMS marketing

Fall in love with SMS marketing features

1:1 SMS Personalization

Create a 1:1 dynamic, personalized experience—display relevant content based on customer interaction with your brand.

Real-time triggers

Set real-time triggers for sending SMSs are based on real-time customer behaviors – Abandoned cart/browse history, etc.

Time-zone localization

Personalize the SMS delivery time by sending every SMS at the users' local time zone.

Smart segmentations

Segmentation also draws on cumulated history– For example, users that purchased/didn’t purchase in the last X days.

Real-time reports

Reporting helps you understand which messages you sent are performing well and which ones to a lesser degree.

SMS automation

SMS automation gives a more satisfying customer experience– connect with your users when it’s relevant and turn them into loyal shoppers.

Dynamic content

Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms work together to create smart segmentation and dynamic content.

Interested in seeing how SMS marketing can work for your business?

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We integrate with all technology providers to ensure optimised users’ shopping experience. Our out-of-the-box integrations ensure easy integration, risk-free deployment and quick time-to-market.