Customer data management​

Create and execute any customer journey easily and at scale with the Exposebox Customer Data Platform (CDP). Unify customers’ touchpoints across all platforms and channels.

This is how our magic happens

Connect all your data sources in minutes. Exposebox integrates with all marketing, analytics and CRM apps and platforms.

Collect all your marketing data

Personalize every interaction

Your data is valuable to your business. But you need to optimize it to make it work for you.

With our Customer Data Platform (CDP), you’re able to make better decisions using data you can trust while gaining control over your customer journeys, marketing messages, and overall ROI.

Through extensive customer data integration, customer journeys are followed in real-time across all online and offline channels and micro-segmented accordingly.

This way, your data becomes truly useful to you – empowering you to personalize every touchpoint with ease, automatically adapting it to fit each audience persona, industry, and need.

Personalise every interaction
Build data-driven marketing

Real-time audiences

Each customer sees targeted personalized content on your website, automatically serves with relevant Facebook ads, and receives customized emails based on behavioral triggers.

Build accurate real-time segments in seconds.

Customer data platform (CDP)

Better customer journey​

Consolidate customer experiences to build multi-step, outcomes-based customer journeys across your marketing efforts.

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We integrate with all technology providers to ensure optimised users’ shopping experience. Our out-of-the-box integrations ensure easy integration, risk-free deployment and quick time-to-market.