Frequently asked questions

Exposebox is a multichannel marketing suit powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning capabilities, and marketing automation technologies. Businesses use Exposebox to personalize and automate their users’ needs and wants, automate the delivery of marketing campaigns across online and offline channels to optimize their efforts, and eventually improve all customer metrics.

Exposebox’s technologies are wrapped into an intuitive web dashboard, making it easy to operate.

Exposebox is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) web platform.

Brands in various online industries use Exposebox to drive personal marketing strategy. These include leading global brands in eCommerce, marketplaces, hospitality, entertainment, etc.

At Exposebox, we design with the philosophy that simplicity is best. That’s why Exposebox is easy to use over the long haul. However, we know that not every business owner or manager is a tech expert.

Exposebox is simple to use; the interface is intuitive, with minimal setup required. This is a marketing system that will save you time, reduce everyday work hassles, and all while improving your profitability. Even more accurately, working with Exposebox will help you streamline your marketing processes, allowing you to target your customers better.

No. The platform dynamically segments users based on their behavior, preferences, and previous marketing activities in real-time.

Definitely! We provide a total, end-to-end platform for hyper-targeted, real-time customer marketing. Exposebox fully supports real-time triggered messaging based on customer activities or previous behavior. Personalization is the capability to deliver hyper-targeted, behavior-triggered at the most relevant effective moment.

Yes! We support a wide range of marketing channels:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Ad networks
  • Product recommendations
  • Popups

Exposebox can access customer data databases in a few ways: 

  1. Connecting to the client’s database, using site-to-site VPN. This way, Exposebox will connect directly to the raw data and import it to Exposebox’s database.
  2. Connecting to the client’s Web Services API and using the API’s methods to obtain necessary data.
  3. Alternatively, Exposebox can receive exported data files (e.g., CSV, database dumps). The files can be made available for download on the client’s FTP server or uploaded to an FTP server provided by Exposebox.

To ensure clients’ success, we provide full customer/professional/technical/marketing support.

Our working hours are Sunday through to Thursday, excluding Israeli national holidays,

10:00 – 18:00 Israel time, during Business days.

We offer a success-based payment structure personalized to your shops’ revenue stream. With the personalized Shopify ® product recommendations, you increase sales and add joy to the customer experience.

Exposebox pricing is tier-based and calculated according to your store’s monthly net sales in a previous billing cycle.

Using our AI personalized product recommendation app, you will find your most valuable audiences and nurture high-impact relationships – faster, more accurately, and far more efficiently.

No! Simply fill in the contact form, and one of the team members will help you onboard.

All new customers receive a 30-day free trial that begins from the moment the Exposebox account is created.

Yes! You can choose not to renew your monthly subscription by giving prior notice or simply deleting the app. Exposebox charges are usage-based and will be billed by Shopify Inc on a 30-day billing cycle at the same time as your subscription with Shopify Inc. You can read more information here.

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