Automate your marketing efforts

Through a consolidated dashboard

Seamlessly combine audiences and campaign management to produce personalized campaigns.

Exposebox products

All-in-one marketing platform

Exposebox offers a full holistic solution for your marketing needs or configure a bundle that suits your business. Engage your customers in various channels with an AI-based marketing automation platform. Stimulate the digital reach with the right message at the right time.

You’re able to make better decisions using data you can trust while gaining control over your customer journeys, marketing messages, and overall ROI.

Create a positive customer experience by leveraging your data insights across all marketing channels.

By integrating email into your marketing automation efforts, you are able to reach and engage customers with both useful, timely efficient, and most importantly, actionable content.

Create and deliver personal SMSs– triggered by any user action – using it you are uniquely able to personalize each message and automate all relevant touchpoints.

WhatsApp marketing

Exposebox enables you to engage with your customers, personalize WhatsApp messages, and automate any touchpoints to solidify sales.

So simple, yet so persuasive. Pop-ups are one of the most effective tools for converting users, growing your mailing list, reducing cart abandonment, and optimizing sales.

Using our data-based recommendations, you will find your most valuable audiences and nurture high-impact relationships – faster, more accurately, and far more efficiently.

Build a presence based on your users’ preferred Ad Network channels. Drive engagement by personalizing your ads using your first-party data and our algorithms.

Key capabilities

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Marketer-friendly UI

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It’s time to unleash the full powers of personalisation, AI, and machine learning! Exposebox is an all-in-one marketing suite that will transform your e-business operations – and profitability.


Driving your business forward

means bringing together strategy, marketing trends, AI, and machine learning to unleash the revenue potential.

Our onboarding is a tailored process; this ensures that all businesses are integrated to maximize the Exposebox platform following each business case.

The professional services are here to assist you; complemented by training specialists, we provide all needed resources that enable you to maximize the Exposebox tool.

Our creatives, marketing, and developer teams will assist you with building strategic plans and campaigns. So everything is set up to get you going as fast as possible, including data, campaigns, and content.

Planning and personalizing your marketing plan doesn’t occur overnight; this is why our team will support you all the way to success.

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We integrate with all technology providers to ensure optimised users’ shopping experience. Our out-of-the-box integrations ensure easy integration, risk-free deployment and quick time-to-market.