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Our partner’s program will improve the service and the value you provide to your customers. And at the same time, it will generate an additional revenue stream for life.

A constant monthly revenue stream

Our partners benefit from a monthly revenue share from referred clients.

Offer additional services for your customers

Your clients are interested in products that you’re missing? Refer them to us and benefit.

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Our focus areas include

AI-Based marketing

With our AI solution, which combines a robust data platform supported by progressive machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), clients can overcome the marketing challenges, successfully improve their product reach, increase sales, and boost their onsite impact.

1:1 personalization

We are committed to helping businesses personalize their customer lifecycle and get to know customers’ behavior in-depth, through detailed analytics. Therefore, all of our clients have seen an accelerated increase in performance and ROI across all their marketing channels.

Multichannel marketing automation

AI-based multichannel marketing is about improving the user experience through synchronized messaging across all channels. This way, our clients optimize every interaction and make the users feel like the appreciated individuals they are every step of the way.


Hands on training​

To make the most of all the Exposebox tools, we’re offering extensive training
with guidance ensured every step of the way – so you will maximize impact.