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Browse abandonment recovery -
email automation

Browse abandonment recovery applies when Exposebox captures real-time browse abandonment data to trigger a series of email reminders at the right time to maximise conversion.

How the browse abandonment recovery works

Browse abandonment happens when a shopper visits your site, looks at products, but leaves without adding any to the cart or completing a purchase.

Email and SMS personalisation that maximises recovery

Don't settle just for an email campaign; back up your strategy with SMS marketing, which will guarantee an open rate of at least 90%.

Customise email templates with the Exposebox drag n drop builder

Use our drag n drop email builder, to quickly customise the browse abandonment recovery templates. Already have an idea in mind? Create an email template from scratch and in minutes.

Launch the campaign in minutes with a predefined customer journey

Exposebox allows you to set a time frame to trigger the browse abandoned recovery emails and SMS or apply our best practice, predefined browse abandonment customer journey.

Optimise with A/B testing

A/B testing allows you to discover what works the best in your emails. You can A/B test every element in your email and optimise your emails accordingly.

browse abandonment recovery

Exposebox Operates with all eCommerce Platforms

Need better results? Deliver 1:1 personalised automated emails backed with Exposebox AI and machine learning capabilities.


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