Recover your abandoned carts

With an automated email journey

Exposebox captures real-time cart abandonment data to trigger a series of email reminders at the right time to maximize conversion. With the abandoned cart emails, you can see an average order uplift of 30% per user.

Cart Abandonment Email Recovery

eCommerce cart abandonment 2021 stats

50 %

Abandonment rate

30 %

Avg. open rate

10 %

Avg. click rate

35 %

Avg. conversion rate

Hospitality cart abandonment 2021 stats

70 %

Abandonment rate

36 %

Avg. open rate

10 %

Avg. click rate

0 %

Avg. conversion rate

How it works

When a user leaves items in the cart and doesn’t complete checkout, we trigger a personalized email with all the product details left behind.

Email Marketing 101

Customize email templates with the Exposebox drag and drop builder

Use our drag and drop email builder, to quickly customise the browse abandonment recovery templates. Already have an idea in mind? Create an email template from scratch and in minutes.

Launch the campaign in minutes with a predefined customer journey

Exposebox allows you to set a time frame to trigger the browse abandoned recovery emails and SMS or apply our best practice, predefined browse abandonment customer journey.

Email personalization that maximizes recovery

In addition to shoppers' cart items information, we allow you to embed additional personalization features like product recommendations. This will help to increase engagement and improve the conversion rate.

Interested in seeing how our cart abandonment solution can work for your business?

Exposebox operates with all platforms

Deliver 1:1 personalized automated emails backed with Exposebox AI and machine learning capabilities.