Customer churn prediction analysis model

Churn prediction analysis

What is customer churn?

Simply put, customer churn is customers that ceased their relationship with your brand. Reducing the churn rate is very important for any online business.

The added value of churn prediction

The ability to predict that a customer is at risk of churning and prevent it represents a substantial revenue potential. Since the acquisition cost is 5x higher than retaining an existing customer, it makes more sense to invest in customer retention. To retain customers, you must be able to:

  1. Predict in advance who is about to churn 
  2. Take the best possible marketing actions that will gain results. Following the above will guarantee churn prevention.
Customer churn prediction calculation

In the most manageable approach: a customer churn prediction rate is the number of lost customers divided by the total number of customers. 

Customer Churn Prediction Calculation

Advantages of customer churn prevention


Leveraging churn analysis

Exposebox’s churn prevention is based on linking the customer churn prediction model and your marketing activity for each at-risk customer to obtain the best marketing retention results possible.


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