Everything5Pounds case study​

Download the case study to learn how Exposebox dramatically increased everything5pounds.com conversion and AOV whilst creating personalised shopping experiences for every customer.

About the study

Exposebox utilised Everything 5 Pounds customer data to present personalised product recommendations to each visitor. Over time, the process automatically fine-tuned, and this translated into a personal shopping experience where customers saw the products they are most likely to want and buy. With each interaction, we could optimise E5P data and achieve better value from shops’ traffic while giving the customers the comfort of ever-more relevant recommendations.

About Everything 5 Pounds

Everything on the website is priced at £5! Everything 5 Pounds established themselves as global leaders for budget clothing. Everything 5 Pounds are continually

pushing boundaries to bring trend-led clothing for £5. Everything 5 Pounds stand ahead of the competitors for the affordable price and the high street trends provided. Everything 5 Pounds stocks sell fast; daily new arrivals keep the website always buzzing with fresh new styles. This gives Everything 5 Pounds customers an enhanced shopping experience where they can choose from a variety of products.

Since its inception, Everything 5 Pounds has grown rapidly, introducing menswear and plus-size range in addition to womenswear. Currently, Everything 5 Pounds have over one million registered customers, who are testimony to their credibility in budget fashion. Everything 5 Pounds reasonable pricing policy combined with cutting edge quality clothing has generated valuable recommendations on social media platforms.

Everything 5 Pounds has built excellent relationships with manufacturers worldwide who can offer high street stock at a reasonable price. In their commitment to delivering the best customer satisfaction, Everything 5 Pounds keep the profit margins low and our quality high.

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