Success story:
Email and onsite personalized
product recommendations

Leading UK fashion website - Everything5Pounds increases monthly sales by 30% from personalized product recommendations


Fresh and dynamic fashion site Everything5Pounds (E5P), brings shoppers high-quality clothing and accessories at low prices by sourcing unsold stock from top high-street brands and unbranded items directly from manufacturers.


Increase in online sales


Revenue driven by Exposbox recommendations


Conversion rate uplift for recommendations engagement


Everything 5 pounds CASE STUDY


E5P leveraged the Exposebox AI-powered personalization platform to deliver 1:1 hyper-personalized recommendations via on-site product recommendations and dynamic content in emails.

E5P Personalization engine matches customer behavior

Product Recommendations

Using Exposebox’s product recommendations, E5P is able to recommend the most relevant products to site visitors in real-time. These on-site recommendations are tailored to each customers’ unique interests.

E5P Increased shopper engagement

Personalized recommendations in emails

Customers receive personalized recommendations in their emails based on their shopping behaviors. The email content is dynamic and customers are given a 1:1 experience with email personalization.


E5P wanted to provide a personalized and engaging experience for their customers. However, due to their wide and frequently changing product collection, it is difficult for shoppers to find the exact products they're looking for.
Therefore, they required a sophisticated AI personalization platform to give their customers a more engaging experience.

Working with Exposebox has improved our online business in multiple ways. Thanks to the personalized recommendations widget, we have seen an ongoing increase in our bottom line sales and KPIs. Plus, the team is excellent and professional, always eager to help, which makes our operations easier and more efficient.

Sagi Cohen, Chief of product, data & BI @ Everything5Pounds

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