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Personalized product recommendations

Popular game store from Finland – Poromagia, witnessed an 11% increase in sales using
personalized product recommendations.

Popular game store from Finland - Poromagia,
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Established in 2010, Poromagia is a well-known, full-service board game store located in the heart of Helsinki, Finland. The most popular board games, card games and any related accessories can be found in their physical store as well as on their online store. Poromagia also offers customers a place where they can meet with friends, participate in tournaments and enjoy their expansive games library.



Increase in monthly sales


Growth in revenue per session


Poromagia leveraged Exposebox’s AI-driven product recommendation to increase customer engagement and revenue.

Personalization engine matches customer behavior

Audience segmentation and integration

Based on the individual shopper behavior, the engine tailors their experience to match their actions. Whether a shopper views a product, clicks on a product to learn more or adds an item to its cart, the advanced engine will suggest personalized product recommendations.

Increased shopper engagement

Increased shopper engagement

Shoppers are experiencing a more personalized experience with specific products based on their journey and behavior. Having a more personal shopping experience creates more interest, increases brand loyalty and leads to an increase in site engagement.

Utilizing in-cart personalized recommendations to upsell customers

Utilizing in-cart personalized recommendations to upsell customers

In order to generate more revenue, customers are displayed with similar products to add to their carts. These items are personalized and tailored to their shopping experience as well as their browsing history. With having the recommended products at the end of their journey to add, their cart size increases, generating more revenue.



Poromagia utilized the product recommendation placements by Exposebox on their home page, product page, category page and cart. A number of upselling and cross-selling strategies were implemented including recently viewed, related products, top-selling products. This enabled customers to have personalized recommendations throughout their digital journey.


Poromagia was looking for a smart personalized product recommendation engine for their multi-domain and multi-language eCommerce business. Their goal was to match the individual shoppers to the right products and increase sales.

Poromagia was looking for a smart personalized product recommendation

We needed a platform that would allow us to create a more personal experience for our shoppers from their first click on our site to their last. We’ve tried a number of product recommendation solutions in the market, but Exposebox has outperformed them all. Our experience with their team has been very positive starting from the onboarding process
to the day to day service. Thank you Exposebox!

Hannu Vallin, CFO and Resident Excel Guru, Poromagia

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