Support Policy (SLA)

  1. Definitions
    1.  “Business Days” means Sunday through Thursday, excluding Israeli national holidays.
    2. 1.2.   “Business Hours” means 10:00 – 18:00 Israel time, during Business days.
    3. 1.3.   “Service Request” means a request for technical support submitted by the Customer to the Company regarding the Services. Each Service Request raised by the Customer shall be submitted to the Company via email at and shall include a description of the problem, whether it is system-related (e.g., software crashes) or detection related and any executed attempts made by the Customer to remedy the issues.
  2. Support

2.1.   Help Desk Availability. Throughout the Term, and subject to the payment of the applicable fees by the Customer, the Company shall make available support services to enable Customer to report any service errors and to seek assistance in inquiries regarding the Services according to the information portrayed in this document.

2.2 The language of communication between the Company and the Customer shall be English.

2.3 The Company and Customer will use commercially reasonable efforts to resolve Service Requests reported by the Customer and diagnosed by the Customer per the priority level assigned to such Service Request by the Customer as set forth in the table below. The following guidelines present the target response time for each priority level. Response Times are measured from the time of receipt of a Service Request submitted by the Customer via email. 

2.4 Issues will be assigned an appropriate level (P1, P2 P3, or P4) through a joint agreement between the Customer and the Company, in line with the definitions of these priorities. Once assigned a level, the Company shall make reasonable efforts to respond to service requests per the following response times:

Response Time


Priority Level

7 Business Days

Minor Impact on system operation: (i) general inquiry or advice on Services usage; (ii) clarification on Services documentation or release notes; and/or (iii) Services enhancement requests.

Priority 1 – Low

2 Business Days

Minimal Business Impact: (i) incorrect product behavior with minor impact; and/or (ii) question on Services functionality or configuration during implementation.

Priority 2 – Standard

12 Business Hours

Significant Business Impact: (i) important features are unavailable with no acceptable workaround, (ii) severely degraded performance; and/or (iii) functionality unavailable but the system is able to operate in a restricted fashion.

Priority 3 – Severe

6 Business Hours  

Critical Business Impact: (i) system hangs or crash situations; (ii) data loss or data corruption; and/or (iii) critical functionality not available.   

Prioity 4 – Critical

  • Customer will cooperate with the Company in view of resolving Service Requests, including without limitation by providing as many details as available about the Service Request, and taking all such reasonable measures requested by the Company in order to detect and provide further information with respect to each Service Request.
  • The following terms shall apply concerning the provision of Maintenance Services to Customers. Customer shall ensure that each Customer acknowledges and agrees to such terms:
    • For any Service Request, the Company or Customer, as applicable, may ask the Customer to provide more information, engage logging, or perform other activities to collect data. In some cases, temporary measures may need to be taken such as reboots, restarts, logging activity, etc. Customer shall provide and install such reasonable troubleshooting tools and activate such event loggers (incorporated in the Services) as may be requested by the Company, and will cooperate fully with the Company in error replication, identification and analysis process. The Customer shall collect and forward to the Customer all troubleshooting, log reports and other reports generated in connection with the Services and the collected data shall be provided to the Company. Customer’s personnel submitting and/or handling any Service Requests shall be technically competent and qualified. While the Company shall endeavour to correct all errors, the Customer acknowledges that not all errors can be corrected or that a fix, patch, workaround, update, or any other offered solution would invariably be found. The Company cannot and does not warrant or represent that any or all errors can or will be corrected.
    • Exclusions. The Company shall have no obligation or liability relating to problems in the Services caused by (a) the Services being altered, repaired or reworked by any party other than the Company without the Company’s prior written consent; (b) Customer’s or a third party’s improper installation, maintenance or storage, or use of the Services not in accordance with the Services documentation or any instructions provided by the Company; (c) Customer’s or a third party’s use of the Services in conjunction with equipment electronically or mechanically incompatible or of inferior quality on an unsupported hardware or software platform; (d) changes to the operating system or network configuration which adversely affect the Services, except for changes pursuant to the Company’s written authorization; or (e) network capacity overload, bandwidth limitation, or any other network malfunctions which are not caused by the Services. In addition, Company shall have no obligation to provide any services hereunder if the Services used by Customer is older than the last two major versions released by Company. Furthermore, Customer acknowledges that Customer’s refusal to take any reasonable measures requested by the Company, to install or update the Services or to provide to the Company with access to Customers may impede the Company’s ability to adequately support the Customer, and Customer hereby waives any claims against the Company in connection thereto.
    • Remote Access. To enable the Company or the Customer, as applicable, to provide the Customer with the most effective Maintenance Services, the Company may, at its sole discretion, use a remote support operation, which shall enable the Company to view the Services and logs and to extract the necessary information to provide the Maintenance Services. In the event that the Customer is unable to provide such remote access to its systems, the Customer shall be required to reproduce the malfunction in a similar environment in order to be provided with Maintenance Services.
    • Force Majeure. The Company shall not be liable for delay in performance hereunder if such delay or failure is caused by labour disputes, strikes, war, acts of public enemies, terror, riots, insurrection, civil commotion, statute, ordinance or regulation (including but not limited to export control), fire, pandemic, flood, accident, storm or circumstances which are clearly not in the reasonable control of the Company (“Force Majeure”). Notwithstanding the above, Force Majeure shall not relieve Customer of the obligation to pay outstanding amounts due.