How to utilise popup campaigns

How to Utilise Pop-up Campaigns

Popups a poor reputation was forged over the decade or so, and now strengthened by marketers, the popups have become designed and user-friendly.

So… what exactly popups are?

To put it simply, popups are banner ads that appear on web pages. Below you will find common popup examples:

Entry popup Instantly pops when entering a web page. This is not a recommended tactic and can scare many users for been “too pushy”. The best practice is to wait a few seconds before pushing the popup.

Exit popup One of the most used popup tactics. It pops when the users are moving the mouse toward closing the webpage.

Time popup

These pops when a user spends a certain time on your site. You can define the time when you want the popup to appear. It can vary between seconds and minutes.

Scroll popup The popup will appear after a user scrolled down a pre-set percentage of the webpage.

On-click popup When a user clicks on an element in the web page, then the popup appears.

When your popups are displayed at the right timing, it will increase the chances of converting users; offering discounts, products, and exclusive promotions will help you expand your contact list. With more email addresses obtained, you, now, will be able to execute email marketing campaigns to convert the leads.


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