April 6, 2021

The power of email personalisation

Nowadays, shoppers expect personalised communication and shopping experience. To be relevant and meet their expectations, you have to leverage email personalisation and move towards a 1:1 personal experience. 

What is email personalisation?

Email personalisation is utilising customer data and leveraging the information you have about them. It can be their name, last purchase date, location, and almost all available data.

Personalising emails is one of the top channels to increase your open and click-through rates and almost immediately increasing your revenue. Past studies have found that emails with personalised subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened. These results arise from the fact that personalised emails are relevant to customer interests.

What is a personalised email?

The most common used personalisation tag is the recipient’s name. Nonetheless, personalisation in emails extends further than just a name tag. 

  1. The foundation of personalised emails is been relevant- seise user’s attention by offering relevant content. If your email doesn’t influence your users – they will be ignored.
  2. Timing is everything. When collecting sufficient data about your users, you will recognise what kind of content they want, need and react to the customer journey with your brand.
  3. We can’t emphasise enough- personalisation is the key. When it feels like the email comes from a person, people are more likely to trust and relate to an email. 
What content can be personalised?

When using the Exposebox email marketing tool, almost every part of the email campaign can be personalised, from basic personalisation to an advanced one. You can always start simple, then advance as you progress. 

Basic personalisation 

When you create an email template for your campaign, apply a personalisation tag; it can be a name, birthday, email address etc. During the campaign delivery, the system will automatically replace the content tags with the personal information you have stored in your database about this specific user.

Intermediate personalisation 

Marketers who utilise intermediate personalisation tags are developing a deeper customer understanding and advance to targeted marketing that sustains higher engagement rates. You can easily apply it to your email campaigns. 

Exposebox allows you to store any information you want about your users (i.e. gender, location, birthday, etc.) and then use it in the drag-and-drop email builder to personalise your email campaigns.

Advanced personalisation 

When capturing behavioural data from all online and offline channels will help you running personalised automated customer journeys and applying personalisation tags using all available data to a profoundly personalised experience. 

Using your data, the email tool understands who your customers are, what they are interested in, and what types of messages will trigger the completion of a purchase. For instance, if someone was searching for a men’s watch on your website, you may want to send them an email that is both highly relevant and timely, perhaps with a coupon code exclusively for use on watches valid for the next 48 hours. 

Similarly, suppose a shopper abandoned a cart full of children’s pyjamas. In that case, you might want to send them a follow-up email, reminding them of what’s already waiting in their shopping cart and maybe even suggesting an upsell product along the way. 

Another effective email personalisation method is the Exposebox product recommendation widget. Powered by artificial intelligence, it automatically generates hyper-targeted content for each and every user that perfectly meets their expectations. So much so, it’s almost like reading their mind – which, of course, works to great effect in terms of engagement, customer satisfaction, and sealing the deal.

As a result, you and your customers will love the tailored email recommendations, each for its own reasons. They get to feel recognised as the individuals they are, while your business benefits from the increased interaction and loyalty.

In conclusion, personalising your email campaigns is a proven method to deliver hyper-targeted content. As a result, you will increase the ROI.

Here’s what you need to remember:

  • Collect as much data as possible
  • Personalised emails have the highest engagement rate.

Personalisation has never been easier with the Exposebox email marketing platform.


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